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Clever Girls Collective Membership Agreement 

If you are accepted as a member of Clever Girls Collective, Inc., you must agree to these terms in order to make your membership official. 

The good news is that these terms are very straightforward and totally not scary—we promise!

By applying to Clever Girls Collective, you have indicated that you are willing to engage with brands and services in a thoughtful and authentic way; as such, we want to partner with you in a thoughtful and authentic way.

What you can expect from us:

What we expect from you if you are accepted as a member of Clever Girls Collective, Inc.:

Now, the actual legal stuff:

Clever Girls Collective is your agent for all work pertaining to Clever Girls Collective. This means that you give Clever Girls Collective the right to represent your participation in programs, activities, or opportunities as part of the Clever Girls network. As your agent for the purposes of the Clever Girls network, Clever Girls Collective plans to do all the cool things described above, and will represent your interests in pursuing money-making opportunities as a member of our network.

Girls Stick Together.  We want to build something great together; we’re committed to sticking with you and every member of our network. You agree that this contract with Clever Girls Collective is for a period of two years, and, to keep life simple, this agreement will automatically renew for additional one-year periods until further notice.  We do understand that things change, however, and for that reason, you or Clever Girls Collective can terminate this relationship with 30 days’ notice to the other party. 

Your agreement with Clever Girls Collective may sometimes be amended by the additional project or customer-related agreements that you elect to sign relating to a specific opportunity (we can call these specific agreements “Amendments”).  If you sign such an Amendment, the different provisions that may be included regarding the term of our agreement, ownership and other matters, will supersede this agreement.  As you may expect, at any time there is a breach or violation of this agreement or any Amendment, the party who is not in breach can terminate this agreement and all Amendments immediately. The rights and obligations under this agreement or an Amendment cannot be assigned by you or the Clever Girls Collective, except that the Clever Girls Collective may assign its rights and obligations under this agreement or an Amendment to a purchaser of the Clever Girls Collective’s business or selected assets, so long as all agreements relating to the Clever Girls network are transferred at the same time.  We believe this keeps the benefit of the group for all members of the Clever Girls network.  

Ownership.  Let’s be clear about ownership. You own your work – your content.  Clever Girls Collective is coordinating your participation in our network and we have works of our own, such as our blog and programs. This agreement does not change your ownership rights.  There may be times where a customer seeks to involve you in a project where that customer will own your work product. In those cases, you will be asked to agree to those terms in connection with an Amendment as discussed above. Your participation in those projects will require that you sign to consent to the transfer of the ownership of your work in that project to the customer – by signing the Amendment. 

Money Details.  In each arrangement that Clever Girls Collective proposes that involves an opportunity for you to be compensated, Clever Girls Collective will provide you with the details regarding the opportunity, how much revenue you can expect, and when you will receive payment. 

Tracking Pixel.  In order to accurately track activities for the network, all members of the Clever Girls Collective must install a CGC Member Badge on her blog or website. The badge may be visible or invisible, but all badges include a “CGC Tracking Pixel.” This pixel is software code that tracks a visitor’s views of a web page and is used to create analytic information for Clever Girls Collective.  Our CGC Tracking Pixel is NOT used to get personally identifiable information from website visitors, but rather to accumulate anonymous data regarding the number of unique visitors to our member websites. With the use of the CGC Tracking Pixel, we are able to provide the type of data needed by clients and customers, regarding the results of the activities of our members’ sites. This information enables us to provide network-wide data for our clients and customers, and leads to more opportunities for our members. By agreeing to these terms, you agree to obtain your CGC Badge (which includes the Tracking Pixel) from Fanny – the Clever Girls Collective database and, yes, our “back end” – using the login credentials that we provide you. You also agree to place the Badge (visible or invisible) with Tracking Pixel on your primary blog or website and to keep the CGC Badge and Tracking Pixel continuously in place as long as you remain a member of the network. You also agree to either link to the Clever Girls Collective Privacy Policy from your blog or website, or to provide a privacy policy of your own on your website in substantially the same form.  Although the CGC Tracking Pixel is NOT gathering or saving any personalized data, we do want to be sure that Clever Girls Collective and all our members are completely transparent to all visitors regarding the CGC Tracking Pixel and its purpose.    

Miscellany.  If for some reason a disagreement arises regarding this agreement, you and the Clever Girls Collective agree that common sense should prevail and that the parties shall voluntarily participate in informal mediation as a precursor to any legal action. If the parties cannot agree after mediation, the parties may pursue remedies in law or equity. You agree that the governing law for this agreement is California and that the venue for any action relating to this agreement shall be Santa Clara County, California. This agreement cannot be modified or amended except by a writing signed by you and Clever Girls Collective; provided that you agree that your electronic click-through agreement constitutes such a writing “signed by you.” All notices under this agreement shall be effective upon delivery in person, by certified mail (return receipt requested), facsimile, or email communication at the address provided by each party.

By clicking “AGREE” below, you are accepting these terms of membership.

Cleverly yours,

Cat, Kristy, and Stefania, on behalf of

Clever Girls Collective, Inc.